When you get banned on one server you get automatically banned on all servers,
so if you like playing at -=HERO=- think twice before you break the rules, it's not worth it!

These rules are valid on all of our servers and communication platforms.


- This topic is so important that it is first in our list. Any racist comments and/or names will result in a instant permaban!

- Cheating will result in an immediate permanent ban with no option to protest against it.

Bug using.
- Exploiting known or unknown bugs within the game or its modifications will result in a kick and temporary ban with 1 warning.

Team killing.
- We use a autoban system, by 600 TK points you will be banned for 2 hours, if you get 2750 TK that will be 2 weeks. If after this you still Team Killing your Teamplayers you get a perm ban.

Mic / Chat / Vote spamming.
- Excessive mic, chat and/or vote spamming with the only purpose of trying to ruin the game for other players will result in an immediate permamute or kick.

Offensive language and/or nicknames.
- Language or nicknames containing expressions of racism, discrimination or anything else that may hurt other people, countries or believes will result in a kick or short-term ban.

Repeated Minor Offences.
- If you keep repeating minor offences we will count them up until it becomes a major offence which may result in additional ban time.


- Rushing is allowed but only when it benefits the entire team or when the game has come to a situation where it's every man for himself. Rushing for no reason at all which has a negative impact on the team result will usually lead to a kick and/or a short-term ban.

Vocal, VoteKick and Chat Spamming.
- This is minor spamming. Examples: playing singing or Playing Music over the mic or leaving your channel open so everybody can hear you background sounds. Floodong the Chat-box with Non-Interesting stuff or Excessive Non-game related talking over the mic will result in a Warning first and a kick or Short-term ban second if the player does not stop.
- This also Includes Excessive Vocalizing enough so that players or admin's get annoyed or bothered by it even if it is on topic, We will grant you a kick and/or Temp Ban With or Without Warning if the player fails to stop when asked by an Admin.

Foreign languages.
- We can debate long if we should allow typing or talking foreign languages, but there always seem to be a certain gray zone where some people find it annoying and others don't so English is the only language allowed on our servers, forum and steam-group.
- We understand that not everybody speaks English so you usually won't get kicked for it when you keep low profile but admins decide when it gets to a point where people could be bothered with it which will usually lead to a kick or a short term ban.

Inappropriate language.
- Swearing, shouting, being disrespectful to other players etc. will get you some time to cool-down outside of our servers.

Inappropriate nicknames.
- Nicknames like ;; .. || -- are not allowed. We like to know who we're playing with so try to be more original when it comes to picking a decent nick.


- Every kind of trolling will be punished. You will find several definitions of trolling on the internet, on our servers the admins decide what trolling is and they decide about the punishment in such cases.

- Advert Nicknames advertisement on any -=HERO=- Servers or Forums without Prior Written Permission from -=HERO=- is an Offence Punishable by a VERY LONG Ban. - Advertising of ANY TYPE, When In-Game be it via Voice Spam, Text Chat Box, Sprays or in you Name is a Offence that WILL get you A VERY LONG Ban if you do not change it when an Admin tells you.

Inappropriate Sprays.
- The use/or displaying of the following types of Sprays is considered to be Unacceptable. -=HERO=- Servers are for people of all ages Irrespective of the game(s) in question and it's recommended age range that is free from Images that are/or maybe considered to be Insulting and Offensive.

Extreme Sprays.
- Consider the Displaying of Extreme Sprays of this nature to be candidates for Permanent Bans without warning.

Lesser Sprays.
- Action on Unacceptable Sprays of a Lesser Nature will be down to the Individual Admin(s) present at the time and their view of the Image.

Explicit Porn.
- Images that show Any Sexual Acts and/or Nudity that display's the sexual organs of either sex, (Erect or Flaccid) This is not considered Acceptable.

- Sprays that show Images of gratuitous or Extreme Violence in that that are using/made from Photographic Images are Not Acceptable. The same type of Images but in a Cartoon form maybe ok but this will be decided by the Admin Present at the time.

Racist & hate Sprays.
- Sprays that are show Images of Violence &/or Hatred to ANY Culture Creed or Religion etc. Will fall under the Racism Rule and will result in a Permanent Ban without a Warning.

Links & URL's in Sprays.
- Illegal Advertisement on Any -=HERO=- Servers is Not Allowed and any Spray that contain Links or URL's to ANY Site other than -=HERO=- Sites, Forum are Not Acceptable and will be Warned and requested to not spray it again. Repeating Spraying will result in a Long Temporary Ban.
- Returning to the Server's and Repeating the Action will result in a more long lasting solution or a Permanent ban.