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[BA]=H= Frano35

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[BA]=H= Frano35

Postby Ξv!L_tony » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:18 pm

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[BA]=H= Frano35 :  no gay shit :&
[DE]Mademoiselle Boo:  its okay to be gay (c)
[BA]=H= Frano35 :  its not

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[BA]=H= Frano35 :  germany acepted 3rd gender, and say what is not wrong there
[DE]Mademoiselle Boo:  because Germany is openminded
[DE]=H= Ξv!L_tony :  weird that you hear such new on bosnia, but we didn't have any news like that in germany
[BA]=H= Frano35 :  germany is dumb

[SM] Kicked [BA]=H= Frano35

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=H= Frano35 joined the game from Bosnia and Herzegovina
[BA]=H= Frano35 :  so low
[BA]=H= Frano35 :  im not saying germans are dumb ffs, not even targeting any of you

[SM] [DE]=H= Ξv!L_tony: Banned player "[BA]=H= Frano35" for 10080 minutes (reason: General Exploit of Game/Map/Server).
[BA]=H= Frano35 left the game

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- This topic is so important that it is frist in our list. Any racist commants and/or names will result in a instant permaban!

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Offensive language and/or nicknames.
- Language or nicknames containing expressions of racism, discrimination or anything else that may hurt other people, countries or believes will result in a kick or short-term ban.

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5. We don't offend other players.
Watch your language, show that you got manners and if there is a conflict, calm down before you reply and be diplomatic even in problematic situations.

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6. Respect Everyone.
Show tolerance towards new players and be friendly. Try to solve issues between players in-game, suggest them to use the forum to keep conflicts away from the server.
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Re: [BA]=H= Frano35

Postby Jason » Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:20 pm

Sad Frano lost his cool there :(
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