-=HERO=- is a clan based and built on the game Left 4 Dead with its own servers.

These days people of our wide community are playing different games and share further common activities together.

1. We don’t cheat

2. We don’t use bugs or glitches.
If there are any: report it to our admins.

3. We aren’t greedy and we want a professional gameplay on expert mode.
There are enough spawn rooms and running back for medkits can slow down the team. Leave medkits for those who need them more.

4. -=HERO=- Members lead the game.
Bring an order in the team, teach new players, inform them about our rules and how our servers and community works.

5. We don't offend other players.
Watch your language, show that you got manners and if there is a conflict, calm down before you reply and be diplomatic even in problematic situations.

6. Respect Everyone.
Show tolerance towards new players and be friendly. Try to solve issues between players in-game, suggest them to use other platforms to keep conflicts away from the server.

7. Do not shoot others if the round is glitched, call an admin or ask players to type !kill.

8. Focus on fun, and don't start fights, we have a forum for solving conflicts

9. Keep calm when someone shoots you by accident.
There is an autoban system, call an admin if there is a teamkiller or use discord, steam or facebook for reports.

10. We follow our rules and guidelines on EVERY server!

11. We are proud to be members, you don’t deserve the =H= if you hide it!

12. Be active.
Show interest in the community and stay up to date by keeping contact to others members. If you don’t have time to play or to be an active member, don't hesitate to inform us. Never let others members or admins run after you! Being a member means having duties, work on the servers; suggest improvements, report issues and care about issues.

13. Try to get our servers and community active.
There are always friends who can be invited to an empty server. Inform players about the community behind our servers (discord, facebook, steam, etc.)